Gruppo Alce Nero

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    Alce Nero was born in the Seventies when a group of young people decided to embark on a new and different way of farming: organic faming, which makes no use of chemical fertilisers and weed killers, which respects man, the earth, the environment… These young farmers began by growing grain crops, durum wheat in particular, which was transformed into semolina, giving rise to the first Alce Nero product: pasta! Today there are lots of Alce Nero products besides pasta: puréed and diced tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, rice, jams and juices, flour, grains and legumes, biscuits…all made using Italian raw materials grown by our partner producers and processed by partner firms. To these we have added a line of fair trade products which come from faraway countries like Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and India, where our partner producers, guided by Fairtrade principles, are all committed to producing food that is delicious, clean and right! Today Alce Nero is a leading brand. Our producers are involved in all stages of manufacture, from the selection of the varieties best suited to production techniques that are respectful of the raw materials, to processing using innovative technologies which preserve the naturalness of foods.
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    Alce Nero was the first Italian company to use, in 1978, organic farming techniques, combining old farming methods with the most advanced research on the environment and health. A love of the land, using no synthetic chemical substances, an uncontaminated environment: these are the ingredients which allow us to obtain good, wholesome food.